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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is your company different from other window cleaning companies?

A. Simple. We are a customer driven company. This means that your total satisfaction is our primary goal. With that in mind we offer a wide range of products and services in order insure that all your window and glass needs are met.

Q. What questions should a potential client ask before hiring you?

A. Great question. First are they licensed and certified to perform highrise functions. Ask What type and how much experience the company has. Be specific. Request a complete list of services relevant to your needs. Ask for references.

Q. What is your greatest asset as a company?

A. Experience. We have over 20 years. It takes experienced and certified technicians to do the kind of specialized window cleaning we do. Our job is dangerous and we value all of team members, so we only hire trained experience professionals.

Q. What do you want clients to learn about your company or your profession?

A. Window washing is a highly technical, and at times, dangerous job. Safety is our primary concern – safety for both the staff and the client. Window washing is also an art. It can’t be done by just anyone. There are methods, techniques, different approaches, and, of course, using professional tools and chemicals that are safe and effective. It’s not just about washing your window. It’s about preserving it.

Q. What suggestions do you have for a client getting ready to hire you?

A. Get bids. Don’t just hire the first company you find. Ask lots of questions, specifically about pricing, billing, company policies, experience. Get references. It never hurts to call 3-5 of their previous clients. Look on their website, and personally visit their office. In other words, find out as much as you can so that you can make an informed decision.

Q. What are your typical types of jobs?

A. We generally do commercial and residential window cleaning. With residential, we cover everything from multi-level high-rises to one story store fronts and everything in between.

If you are looking for professional window cleaning services in Las Vegas, then contact Southwest Ultra Clear. Call us at 702-219-3525 or complete our online request form.

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